Friday, September 17, 2010

How the blaze was accompanied by low encirclement

Pakistan has received a customer, big beard, but the eyes look great, with a Chinese girl came to our company, is to buy stove accessories.

To know that this is the first time we met the class in Asia brother on, we Chinese people have stood up but the Pakistan side of the impression that living standards are not ye, ah, it seems. So I rushed the whole tie, up and down to spend time with enthusiasm greeted the two.

Pakistan's brother called Raji, very polite and also fluent in London sound, dressed neatly though conservative, but unusual, it is a custom view forget. Together with his Chinese girl named Ada, it seems recently graduated, looking a bit dull.

Raji sat down to start the point, it shows that he is the first time in China (later I learned I cheated), before doing the stove factory in Pakistan, parts have been hard to find, the local people who do this much , and the extremely poor quality, after listening to a friend's introduction to China's purchases, the intended harmonization of procurement in the area we go back a few cabinets. The hearing that this business was very good centralized procurement Well, it certainly shows he is sincere, Mr. Raji to Zan Chinese procurement. Then I will be intolerant of their annoying situation of our company introduced again, to closer relations, but also specifically with their own accent in a little self-righteous "London Sound" (ha ha, do not know each other listening to react? )

Raji then choose a dozen varieties at once, flew me to quote. When the offer straight to my heart whispered, how foreigners are so, one must sit down and offer quotations. Price overstated, Raji face Wood, and people not see what is in his heart. At this time, Miss Ada who look sluggish spoke up: "We think your price too high, and tell the truth, we saw three factory, you are third, also the highest price a..." I have X! Is to compare the original price! Fortunately, I was not the lakes nestling horse. The McCain I leisurely from the situation of our industry, earnestly told them this stuff is not cheap you can get by the market, but also the supplier level and product quality. Is a lengthy, but Raji's face or Wood's. Ada's eyes, or foolishly, and are looking at nothing more than taking my two flying up and down.

At the end, Raji shook his head, saying: "I think your price''s still too high for me, you know my country is so poor and people can not afford this price ... ..."

"Okay, just tell me your target price and we will see whether we can do it or not." I can not, only to see his cards on the.

Raji unhurried out a quotation that is where he took over our competitors offer only one-third of our offer. That quote alone is flashed in front of me, Raji, and I see that it did not give a specific quote and above.

I think that this time be calm, because I know that the intensity of competition in the industry, but can not offer a clear difference between peers so far. I peep the Ada one, found her eyes though sluggish, but could not hide that hint of cunning blink. Raji's face still Wood's, beard, or so beautiful.

I stood up and said to the last bathroom. Out of the meeting room after I put in a call to the Supply Section, understand what the material now on the market price, that answers that competitors simply can not report the price, unless they are crazy! I have already quoted a very reasonable price, and opponents can not I offer and certainly much higher.

I again went into the meeting room and found Raji and Ada are talking about silent saw me in all the sound.

I told them that there is no way to further reduce the price can only say that if the order is more than 2 脳 20''cabinet / month can have discount. And At the end I added sentence: "I know you've been to Which plants and know their real offer, they can not offer me too much lower, if you think their product is right for you, then I have not ways. "Raji's face began not as Wood, and smiled and said:" We think a reasonable price like this, but hoped that you could be reconsidered, otherwise we will be under orders to go to your competitors . "I shook my head and said:" To ensure the quality of products to you, we must consider increasing the manpower cost to the quality Guan, Bushi blindly rely on cheap, the other's price may be lower point, but hope you taking into account the issue of quality and service. "saying this because I checked Raji Internet companies feel that they are fairly local brands, not only the price regardless of the other.

Words do not have to say something here. Ada was leaving when they're put down the sentence: "and the Pakistanis to do business, price is most important!" I listened very frankly, my relationship to the end consumer product safety issues, I can not for this is not a big business to may endanger the lives of others to do things right, do not do worth mentioning.

But I never thought Raji came back three days later, it did not say, took a direct order out. Miss Ada Raji said the past few days I have to take the price and I went to the other plant samples, but in the end that cost us, but still won.

These things think we may run into similar, especially in the Fair, took the price of a supplier and then everywhere is more than the foreigners, but sadly, our China suppliers in front of it seems to a little bit at a large profit on the price war, unit prices dropped lower and lower profit repeated cuts, the final benefit is that foreigners and suffering is our own. Friends who have tried to compete at a list of India and peer fell out, but eventually received a list of the hand is there a net loss of 50,000 yuan.

We are Chinese supplier price war is not only damaging our own interests, and stuffing the pockets of foreigners, also the back of China had a "dumping" charges, the latest European and American countries are "anti-dumping", in the final is that China's cheap goods against you that overwhelming in their.

But China's labor-intensive manufacturing enterprises are facing today, we are destined for this vicious cycle, the short term it seems we can not change this fact. But I believe everything has a cycle of logic, to go on in China can only usher in a new shuffle, and materials meager profits rising and the strong yuan Chao seems significant in this round of reshuffle the corner. Blindly rely on price reductions to obtain orders for closure of the factory is only the road, will survive is strong, with independent R & D, products of high value-added enterprises. This is the industry's restructuring and regeneration.

But having said that, if not eliminated, we do not want no food, we should not trouble you brother own Woli Dou, and joint of your peers, industry standards and price guide, jointly developed products with high added value, but also let foreigners see Today we are not looking to sell broken ah alone. - It seems a bit idiotic nonsense, too utopian, but I hope you come Paizhuan!


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